Lou van der Bijl

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CO-Organiser of CPT MS Developer Community


Speaking Engagements:

  • Samsung Future Innovation Lab 2020 – 2023
  • DevConf 2022
  • Microsoft Ignite 2020
  • CPTMSDUG  2018 – 2023

I’m on an exciting journey into Cyber Security and aim to become part of The Red Team, focusing on Azure and Web Applications. I’m currently studying my CARPT and will be starting my certification path to becoming a Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect. Im also becoming a Super User with Archangel by Hakware.

I am a User Interface professional with a proven record in User Interfaces (UI) and User Experience (UX) design and development, strategy, team leadership and application innovation. I also handle the security of all the sites under my department – this includes “Immediate Alert Response”, Vulnerabilities  Assesment and Fix Actioning” – working with WordFence and other security applications, as well as threat tracking, hack attempt tracing and utilizing my contacts to shut down the threat origin where I can.

I believe that User Experience and actually building User Interfaces are not separate and should ideally be a joint effort. Because of my previous development experience in C#, VB.NET, PHP and SQL, I am able to help and guide the Backend developers to integrate with the Frontend. I am known to be a problem solver, if there’s a problem, I am there to fix it!

I have been responsible for the user experience and design of various web application platforms and custom web and mobile applications. I created one of South Africa’s first responsive SharePoint 2010 sites, and and since then, making all web application work for every device is a long life passion of mine.

I have been tasked with solving UI problems ranging from responsive code to code bugs to functionality issues. I can take a project from conception to deployment, as I am well versed in information gathering and specification writing (User, Functional and Technical), prototyping (low to high definition wireframing), graphic design and coding. I am also able to do training and user manuals as well as be involved on a server level with deployments, maintenance and issue diagnosis (Azure and AWS) . 

I am known for my ability to problem solve across all web platforms, and pride myself on being able to implement solutions in a timely manner, this is why I enjoy being a part of all Incident Response Teams.


"Louise's relentless commitment to swiftly addressing the vulnerabilities found and assigned to her has significantly reduced our company's exposure to cyber risks. Her diligence and proactive approach in ensuring that these vulnerabilities are remediated promptly have proven to be a crucial asset to our cybersecurity team. In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, cyber threats pose significant challenges to businesses like ours. With Louise on board, I am confident that Media24 is in capable hands. Her expertise and quick actions have not only safeguarded our valuable data but also instilled a sense of confidence. It is essential to acknowledge and commend her exceptional contributions to our organization. Her continuous excellence in handling these critical issues has made a tangible impact on our company's overall security posture."
Wynand B
While our paths have crossed on many occasions, I was delighted to have the pleasure of working with Louise. She is knowledgable, articulate and creative. She's a problem solver and communicator! She'd be an asset to your project or organisation.
Bergen B
“Louise has been an absolute pleasure to work with, she has an extensive knowledge of SharePoint and is absolutely flawless when it comes to design concepts. Her ability to make a simple SharePoint page look beautiful is a testament to her technical capability and her eye for detail. I would be very happy to be given the opportunity to work with Louise again.”
Charlie Shanks
Empired Australia